What’s next?:  if you want one of our hand selected bikes ,then we can install our Cozy sidecar rig in canoe or bullet with all  our interior, wiring and lighting options.  We can mate it up to the bike as is black or custom paint the car with matching interior to your liking.

The new sidecars are in and of the 16 we have rockets and Canoes available. So if you are interested book one now and I can mail you and contract that will hold the bike and sidecar for you.

So come and take a look at the new rigs being constructed and get an idea of what your dream rig can be.

A deposit can book the rig for construction and balance due upon pick up or prior to shipping.  All of our bikes have clean titles. 

Currently we have a red and cream 2012 t-100 with 180 miles and a 2009 t-100 green and cream with 1600 miles.  Both fuel injection with all the triumph upgrades.

Call Bill Cozzi 609-332-4965 for more details