New Project transforming a Triumph Thruxton with a modified Cozy sidecar

I have had enough inquiries into putting a sidecar on the Thruxton.  I have seen this done successfully with Motivation sidecar.  Since I have an interest in the cozy sidecar, I have decided to lower the sidecar and install a cafe fender on the sidecar wheel and match it to the new triumph look.  I have just picked up a modified 04 Thruxton that has british classic exhaust, air box elimination kit and a pair of wilber adjustable rear shocks along with adjustable anti dive springs.  This bike has a great power band from 50-90 with enough punch to rally power a sidecar in the area I like to cruise at. 

I have finished mounting the rig and took it out for a shake down cruise and it is awesome!!!!!  I now will be installing the Thruxton fender on the sidecar and will post the finished pictures next week .  check out the video:

update the rig is done waiting for the motorcycle front fender, took it for a 50 mile maiden voyage.  great riding rig, look down at the speedo and I was over 75 mph with plenty of grip left.  check out the updated you tube