New Bikes!!!!!!! direct from the dealer!!

I have been contacted by new sidecar customers that are looking to buy new bikes and have them shipped to me for a sidecar and installation.  I have done several this year and now have a great option.  Hermes from Port Clinton Pa, has offered my customers dealer invoice for all of this triumphs in stock, they are from Se to Scramblers.  This means a savings in two directions, one on the cost of the bike and two on the shipping to me of the bikes from around the country. Any bike bought from Hermes will be dropped shipped to my shop and that leaves only one shipping expense.  Hermes has a new three story facilities and has been in business for 60 plus years dealing in quality motorcycles.  He is considered by Triumph the Premier dealer in the North East.  So if you are looking to go new call Bobby Brown at 610-597-3013 and visit them at

call me with any sidecar questions.


Bill Cozzi