John from Texas just got his new birthday present this week??

John , retired military with his service dog, wanted a military sidecar to transport his wife and dogs in.  We went over lots of options, buy a bike strip it and camo  paint it and put a sidecar on it.  So the best option was John found a Steve McQueen bike already OD and he bought it in missouri, never saw it, and shipped it to me for his custom build.  Well now it is done and we shipped it to Texas and it arrived a few days ago.  He installed a steible air horn and started to introduce it to this dogs.  Check out the photos, I know John and grace will have a great time but I warned him he will be stopped all over to get great “DOG IN SIDECAR PICTURES.” Good luck John and stay safe!! 13428500_600613476774229_1179411196642912992_n 13465966_600609813441262_3071207546011572345_n 13516254_600610556774521_7766939959238006495_n