Update from Grace and John from North Carolina and his 2012 t-100

Grace sent me a great note today, check it out:

From: Grace Burke
Subject: Wonderful

Message Body:
Hey Bill,
Just wanted to let you know that John and I are enjoying the sidecar. It is absolutely wonderful. What a ride! The weather has finally turned beautiful for cruising. People are always talking to us about the sidecar. It is definitely a conversation piece. Plus, our tag has a Bible scripture which is Pray without ceasing ( 1 Thes. 5:17). This has become my favorite scripture especially while riding! Thanks you so much for the great job you did for us. Your ears should be burning from time to time because we are always talking about you!
Be blessed this day!
Thanks again! Your work is outstanding!!

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John contacted me two months ago and and wanted us to build a sidecar for his new 2012 t-100 grey and black bike.  When he came up in early June we had the sidecar waiting and in two days turned the rig around and off to North Carolina.  We didnt have much time to ride the rig here but listen to what John has to say about the experience.

Bill, I have my first 100 miles on the rig and it has been great. At first look everyone thinks it is an old bike which is why I picked the T100. They also think the match between the bike and sidecar are made for each other. It has been an attention grabber, for sure. Thanks again!”
Let us build one for you or come look at our rigs we have for sale and test ride for yourself.
We have several local triumph dealers that will work with you on a new bike purchase, so you can save the shipping cost one way!!!
bill Cozzi 609-332-4965