First out of the shop is the 2014 t100 special addition sidecar rig just sold today

This bike just sold today!! Pete is a town plumbing inspector bought this rig to do his inspection, coool!!  We are holding the bike until Pete finishes his building to store it.
Contact me to discuss the other rigs we have, I quess spring fever has set in.

Check out ebay for the 2013 bonneville cast wheel rig up for sale this is a nice unit ready to go at winter pricing.

We picked up a low mileage 2014 black special addition from the original owner who purchased it in June and had to sell it because “his wife doesnt understand”.   This clean low mileage bike is still under warrantee until 2016 and we attached it to a canoe sidecar that has made this bike look super.  check out the picture and go through the video and let me know what you think!!  The gold pin strip on the sidecar looks outrageous!

2014 t100 special

2014 t100 special


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