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This rig has been the feature rig for our sidecar building company.   after 5 years we have decided to put this rig with 6700 miles up for sale. This rig is in excellent condition fully serviced and for a … More

We have been busy!!

Happy New Years-2019 We have had some delays in sidecar shipments and have installed all the sidecars we had on customer bikes.  Our supply is back in order and we will be starting to do more installs in 2019. we … More

Ashley and her christmas tree delivery in her triumph se sidecar

Ashley live-in new york has found a great way to use her sidecar rig. Appropriate for the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

2015 Triumph t100 will be the next build another urban cruiser

We are starting to build this new urban cruiser rig with a low mileage 2015 t100 Black. This bike has upgraded exhaust and Mapping for go performance for this sidecar rig. If anyone is interested in the build contact me. … More

Pam has just picked up her recent 2016 street twin with custom cozy sidecar

Pam has replaced her long distance sidecar rig ,URAL, for this powerful Street Twin.  The torque on this rig is amazing all the way up the power band and has the ability to cruise comfortable at highway speeds. Ill post … More

SOLD New Build on a 2016 street twin matte black is sold and under construction

This great matte black street twin has been sold and is under construction  Pam will be replacing her ural with this 016 beauty. I’m excited for this build because the street twin will be a future go to bike for … More

Don Just picked up his new sidecar rig

Don is from Wyoming and is working in West Virginia and shipped me a 014 Thruxton from ohio and this is definitely a cross country venture.  We just finished the rig and Don just left with it in his trailer. … More

Some custom pictures of the rigs we built

We always enjoy seeing customer pictures of their rigs , it confirms to us that this sport is fun at all levels.